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Fill out a free college application and quickly let over 3,000 admissions offices find and perhaps make you an acceptance offer.

Applying to school works for everyone.

Just follow these steps:

  • Create an Applying to school username and password.
  • Complete an admissions application.
  • Click "submit application."
  • Then, over 3,000 college and university in the United States will have access to your application and perhaps make you an acceptance offer.

Whether you're attending a two year junior college taking a first look at transferring to a four year senior college or university, or a four year college or university student thinking about transferring to another college or university, Applying to school lets you complete a free application and by doing so over 3,000 accredited colleges and universities in the U.S. will be able to find and make you an acceptance offer.

Admissions officers are reviewing students' application every day on Applying to school. They cannot review your application if you have not completed one. Now, college admissions offices can find you just as efficiently as you can find them.

Are you attending a school now just to transfer into a better one after you have raised your GPA? Then, you should register and complete a free transfer application as early as your freshman year and update your application frequently so more than 3,000 institutions can monitor your individual progress and make you an acceptance offer. Once a college or university pre-screens your application, we guarantee that they will only contact you through your ATS inbox if you are likely to get accepted.

We are the only service that allows students to complete a free application and present themselves individually to institutions as early as possible.

So, why not let college and university find you. The best part is that this service is FREE and only they will have access to your information.

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