College scholarships are available for both merit and need-based. All scholarships listed on are unique and cannot be found elsewhere. All of our scholarships are sponsored by families who are committed to making college possible for students across the U.S.

In 2009, we've awarded more than 1.9 million dollars in merit and need-based scholarships based on the student's intended college major. For 2010, we intend to award more than 2.3 million dollars.

To qualify, simply complete an online application. Scholarships are offered both on merit and need-based. After you have completed the application and submitted your essay, the scholarship committee will review your application and contact you. Essay topics can be found in our application.

To be considered for our free college scholarships, you must include a scholarship essay and submit it with your application. You can do this online, now.

Feel free to browse our site for other helpful information. We encourage you to pass the word along to your friends.

Not everyone can be an "A" student Scholarships

  • ATS College Scholarship Deadline: May 29, each year: Amount: $32,500
  • Business Management Scholarship Deadline May 29, each year: Amount: $1,500
  • C+ Student Scholarship Deadline: May 29, each year: Amount: $3,500
  • Hardship Scholarship Deadline: May 29, each year: Amount: $10,000
  • I am an "A" student but I have no money to pay for college Scholarship Deadline: May 29, each year: Amount: $6,000
  • College Tour Scholarships

    • College Tour Travel Scholarship Deadline: Two scholarships awarded each month beginning September 1, 2009 through January 29, 2010 Amount: $400 Airline Travel Voucher (30 available)

    Scholarships by Intended Major or Area of Study

    Enrollment begins September 1st. everyone is eligible to apply. For more information read our terms and conditions.

    Scholarship winners will be notified within three weeks after the scholarship application deadlines on this money for college page.

    We are committed to making education possible for students. More often than not, financial constraints hinder students. With this aid, students can attend the institutions they choose with a secure financial status.

    Our mission is simply to provide students with increased equity and access to the highest quality of education opportunities.

    Students must be applying to college for the 2010 admissions and must fully complete our application. All students will be considered on an individual basis. We highly encourage all to apply. Students will find the topic of the essay in our application. Students that are not selected for merit-based will also be considered on need-based.

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    College Scholarships

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