Not using our service to find students yet?

For free, we are the only company that allows students to complete a general college, graduate and/or law school application and allow you to review it and invite those to apply that have met admission requirements.

We allow students to present themselves individually to you with the same information you use to make admission decisions. Students that registered with us do so because they actively want you to contact them if they have met admission requirements, unlike passive users with other services

Here how it works for college bound students.

  • First- Students register and complete a general college application.
  • Second- Students’ high school counselor verify their information for accuracy.
  • Third- After counselor’s verification, student application is activated for you to search and review.

You simply search our database of students and all that met your admission requirements, with one click you send an invitation

Students receive your invitation and can either pass or accept your invitation. When students accept your invitation, you will receive the students’ acknowledgement and you have just selected hundred if not, thousands of student across the U.S. to apply to your institution for admission without leaving your office.

We offer the most accurate and updated information and students use us because they want you to contact them if they met admission requirements.

So what are you waiting for, register today and find your incoming student with just a click. They are anxiously waiting for you to contact them. You may even monitor students as early as the 9th grade.

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