How to Find a No Win No Fee Accident Lawyer

A No Win No fee Accident in its simplest form is when a lawyer takes on a case for free and only gets paid if you the client win the case. In legal terms, this is call contingency agreements.

Clients who are working with a lawyer or a law firm on a contingency basis ie, no win no fee, must know what they are agreeing to upfront. The client must ask the lawyer, what percentage of the winnings will you take? In most cases the percentage is 33% before trial and 40% if the case goes to trial.

On a no win no fee case, if the client decides to change the attorney or law firm after the agreement have been signed and work have been done on the case, the lawyer or law firm will be entitled to a percentage of the winnings. This will be included in the agreements that the client will be required to sign.

When a client goes to sign the contingency agreement/no win no fee agreement, the client must first make sure that all pages of the agreement is present. Do not sign an agreement if a page is missing. Some attorney or law firm will intentionally not include a page to prevent the client from knowing the fees involved.

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