How to Find and Select a Mesothelioma Lawyer in New York

Questions to ask when selecting a mesothelioma attorney

This page provides information, tips and specific questions to ask a mesothelioma attorney before considering him/her to represent you.

According to lawyers who argue mesothelioma cases, settlement awards for mesothelioma cases can range from $1 million before going to trial to $6 million when and if the case goes to trial. Being that millions of dollars are at stake, selecting the right mesothelioma lawyer is extremely important because it could determine the outcome of you case. An attorney or law firm without proper experience can lose your case.

Almost always, lawyers or law firms will take your case for free, meaning that the lawyer or law firm will represent you for free and will only get paid if you win the case. Typically, the attorney or law firm fees are 33% of the winnings if the case does not go to trial and 40% if the case goes to trail.

Now, listen up, this is very important. You as the client can negotiate a lower fee that the attorney or law firm can take. The client can negotiate these fees before you sign the attorney or law firm.

Because there is lots of money involved, mesothelioma attorneys are eager to find mesothelioma patients and therefore it is important that the client select the mesothelioma attorneys or law firms that are best for them.

Your Legal Rights Regarding Mesothelioma

For over 60 years, companies have knowingly manufactured products with asbestos, a fiber that once inhaled or exposed to for a period of time can cause serious health problems.

Because of companies’ profits, they were reluctant to tell their employees of the health risks. Companies kept this information a secret from their employees and as a result seriously put the workers health in danger.

Recent laws now protect workers who have been exposed to asbestos related products.

However, since representing mesothelioma can be so profitable to attorneys and law firms, it is important that people who have mesothelioma be especially careful selecting attorneys who are really qualified to represent them. Here is a list of questions to ask.

Important Questions to Ask When Selecting a Mesothelioma Attorney

Question #1 to Ask When Selecting a Mesothelioma Attorney:

What is your personal experience in representing mesothelioma patients? Your goal is to find out how many cases the attorney or law firm has actually handled.

You also want to know: how many of these were settled, and how many of these went to trial? What were the results of each case?
You should ask the same questions about his or her law firm. Your goal is to find out about the firm, ie, is this an area that the firm specializes in?

Question #2 to Ask When Selecting a Mesothelioma Attorney:
Next, you want to ask if the lawyer intends to actually handle your case him or herself. Many attorneys simply refer these cases to another law firm and receive part of the fee in exchange. This may not be in your best interest.

Question #3 to Ask When Selecting a Mesothelioma Attorney:
Are your fees negotiable? If they say no then you should call another law firm to find a mesothelioma lawyer who will negotiate their fees.

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