How to Find a Low Interest Student Credit Card(s)

Before applying for a credit card or a low interest student credit card, you should first compare all or most of the credit cards that are out there. There are countless low interest cards. Many card companies will give a 0% interest rate for the first year. Some will give a 0% interest rate of a transfer of balance where you transfer your balance from one card to the new one. Master card and Visa are the two dominant ones that are accepted world wide while the discover card is limited in that not all stores in the country accepts it.

Many credit card companies will issue a credit card to a freshmen student in college with a low credit line ($500) to start out with and as the student use the card and pay the balance the credit line will increase. Getting a credit card with low interest as freshmen in college is the best way to start building your credit because after graduation you will most likely want to purchase a car. Establishing a good credit will assist you in getting a car loan.

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