Home Loans

Before you decide to buy a house you should first get pre-qualified for a home loan. There a many home loan companies out there. You should always price compare for the best interest rate. The home loan industry is very competitive. Banks will compete for your business. You as the borrower should always go directly to the bank to apply for a home loan and never use a broker. The broker will charge as much as a 5% fee to get you a loan which in fact if you go directly to the bank, you can save that 5% broker fee.

Also, you should always get pre-qualified by more than one bank and play one bank against the other to get a lower rate. For example, if bank “A” give you a 3.7% interest rate, you can go to bank “B” and say that bank “A” is giving you a 3.5% rate, can you match this or beat it. In all likely hood Bank “B” will match that rate of 3.5%.

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