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Applying to school's mission is simply to use new, emerging technologies that expand the boundaries of space and time to provide students with increased equity and access to the highest quality of educational opportunities. 

About us

We have earned our reputation from students, college admissions offices, graduate and law schools across the United States.

Applying to School through ApplyingToSchool.com and ApplyingToLawSchool.com is founded for the purpose of linking college admissions offices, universities, graduate and law schools across the United States with students through a powerful online communication that provides a more efficient and cost-effective method of student recruitment and gives students maximum exposure.  Through Applying to school, students can present themselves simultaneously to over 3,000 college admissions offices, 2,500 graduate and 186 ABA law schools.

Since our inception, we have been recommended by more high schools and counselors and college advisors across the With a growing student membership, we have earned our reputation with students, parents, and schools by offering information that is customized and personalized. We offer more accurate and up-to-date information than that of other services (both free and fee-based) and by not selling students’ personal information to outside companies, like the majority of free sites.

More than 3,000 college admissions offices, 2,500 graduate and 186 law schools turn to us everyday to find and pre-screen students’ applications. We lead in student recruitment, because we allow students to present themselves individually to schools with the same information that the schools use to make admission decisions. We offer more than just grades and test scores. We offer personalization and customization.

Applying to school is committed to getting every student accepted to college. Therefore, students can register for FREE as early as 9th grade and update their application every semester, allowing more than 3,000 college admissions offices to monitor their individual progress through high school. Research by the United States Department of Education, has shown that students who interact with college admissions offices at an early age are more likely to go on to that college.  This effective outreach mechanism not only gives students the ability to know whether a college will accept them after graduation, but improves their chances of continuing their education after high school.

Applying to school is committed to getting you accepted to college, graduate and law schools. Are you serious about your education?

Let college admissions offices, graduate and law schools find you today.

To contact Applying to school key personnel, please e-mail us as indicated below.

General E-mail: info@applyingtoschool.com
Please feel free to contact one of our professional

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