What You Need to Know to Get an Athletic Scholarship

If you're looking for athletic scholarships and/or the chance to compete in college athletics, here's what you need to know and do.

What you should do is complete a free college application with us today and include your athletic talents so coaches across the United States can search, find, and make you an acceptance offer which will include your athletic scholarship.

If you don’t use our service, you need to be realistic about the colleges and universities you contact. Few athletes can compete in football at Oklahoma or basketball at Duke. Ask your coach to advise you about the level at which you can compete in athletics and your counselor to help you select colleges and universities which will be a good academic fit for you.

Consider everything when putting together a list of colleges and/or deciding which colleges to contact. Academic programs, size, location, campus environment, co-curricular opportunities, and special programs are among the factors you need to investigate and evaluate.

Do not overlook opportunities at smaller or less well known colleges.

Remember that there are many forms of financial aid other than athletic scholarships, and lots of terrific schools other than those at the NCAA Division I level. Student-athletes often receive grants and/or other forms of financial aid of some kind from colleges at all division levels.

Don't count on athletic scholarships alone. Explore other sources of financial aid as well. Visit for links to more than 50 free online scholarship searches.

Remember that the major benefit of college is to obtain an education. Be wary of coaches who do not have a genuine commitment to the education of their student athletes.

Know the rules of athletic recruitment and be sure they're adhered to. Our great links page will take you to sites with this information.

Contact Admissions Offices, not just coaches. Admissions Offices, unlike coaches, are allowed to contact and speak with you at any time, and will provide you with information you may not get from coaches. For Admissions Office contact information (email addresses and toll free numbers), visit the Colleges, Scholarships and Financial Aid Page.

Do not rule out colleges initially on the basis of their published costs. Your actual cost may be much less.

Coaches receive lots of inquiries, so be patient. If you've not heard from a coach you contacted within a month, try again. But, be aware that some will not be interested in you and may therefore never respond.

Be aware that a few letters, brochures and/or emails from a coach does not always mean he or she is seriously interested in you. Keep your options open and communicate with all coaches who appear interested in you until you have a firm commitment.

When you do commit to a college or university, contact and thank the coaches who have been communicating with you. This is common courtesy, and may give you more options if you wish to transfer from the college or university you attend initially.

If the above is confusing, there is an easier way. Simply register with us and complete a free college application and let college coaches across the country find you.

Want to go to college? Simply complete an application and let more than 3,000 colleges find and make you an acceptance offer.

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