Law School

About Law School
Strategies to Succeed in Law School
Why You Need an Outline
Transferring Law Schools
The Case Method
The First-Year Curriculum
The Socratic Method
The Summer After Your First Year
Moot Court
Law Review
Legal Clinics: Turning Theory Into Practice
Law Specializations

Applying to Law School
Academic Recommendations
Application Strategy: Timing and Numbers
Beyond LSAT Scores and Grades
Topics to Avoid on Your Personal Statement
Tips for Your Personal Statement
LSAT Overview
Law School Admissions Index
Law School Application Overview
Law School Data Assembly Service

Life as a Lawyer

Positioning Yourself for Admission to Law School
4 Myths About the LSAT
Work Experience
Better Extracurriculars
LSAT Writing Sample

Research and Decide
Choosing a Law School
Understanding Law School Accreditation

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