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Online law school refers to those schools who offer a juris doctor degree completely online, with no requirement to enter a brick and mortar school or campus. There are many law schools who offer higher law degrees, such as the LLM, in an online setting, but they do not offer a juris doctor online. Multi state bar exams are useful if you are planning on practicing in more than one state.

List of California Online Law Schools

Abraham Lincoln University School of Law

American Heritage University School of Law

California School of Law

Concord Law School

Esquire College

National Law School

Newport University School of Law

Northwestern California University School of Law

California University School of Law

Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy

Southern California University for Professional Studies

St. Francis eUniversity

University of Honolulu School of Law

West Coast School of Law, Inc.

West Haven University School of Law

William Howard Taft University School of Law

Diamond Graduate Law School LLM Online Program

Online Qualifications

Graduating from an online law school in California will qualify the student to sit for the California General Bar Exam, to be admitted to the California Bar, and to practice law in California, if he or she successfully passes. However, prior to the General Bar Exam, the student must pass the First Year Law Student's Bar Exam, commonly referred to as "The Baby Bar", in order to proceed with the remaining three years of study.

If the student fails the "Baby Bar" after three tries, the student will not receive credit for any additional credits received beyond the first year of study.

Online Controversy

As of yet, the American Bar Association does not approve or endorse any online/correspondence law schools who offer a juris doctor completely online. There has been much debate within the ABA over online legal education and many educators and legal experts believe that a quality legal education cannot be obtained fully online. Of those, some cite that the Socratic Method of law school learning is a fundamental part of a quality legal education and is what prepares future attorneys to think like lawyers. The Socratic Method of in-class teaching is best known by law students because of the infamous fictional character, Professor Kingsfield at Harvard Law School, played by John Houseman in the film, "The Paper Chase".

There are others, however, who question even the validity or value of the Socratic Method of teaching law and, in fact, some traditional law schools have abandoned the method for a less intimidating method of teaching students to extract the law and to think like a lawyer.

Good News

Now that you know about online law school, you should know that they are looking for students like you everyday. There is an ABA school for everybody, even if you have low grades and test scores. Let law schools find and pre-screen your application today. Why do it any other way.

Admission office at every school spends thousands of dollars to recruit you each year, but youd never know it. At most you and the other two hundred thousands students on direct mailing lists receive general information about admissions. Until now, ABA schools had no way of pre-screening your application before you even apply to contact you personally.

186 ABA school of law will have three choices: They can pass on you, invite you to apply, or request more information from you. Schools will contact you directly. Schools can only contact you if youre more likely to get accepted through a formal application.

You can begin your application as early as freshman year in college.

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