2007 Colleges and Scholarships Newsletter

2007 Colleges and College Scholarships Newsletter

Are you a high school student headed for college, a parent of a college bound student, or in educational profession, we invite you to sign up for to receive our 2007 Colleges and College Scholarships Newsletter.

Our free newsletter discuss many topics related to college selection, college admission, scholarships and financial aid, college survival tips, and our own multiple need and merit-based scholarships of up to $32,500 for college bound students.

Whether you are searching for colleges, searching for scholarships and financial aid, preparing for the SAT or ACT exams, or simply want to get accepted to the best college, you will find lots of important tips in the 2007 Colleges and Scholarships Newsletter. You will learn how to write winning college essays, how to dramatically increase your chances of qualifying for a scholarship or enhanced your financial aid package, why you should never pay for a computerized scholarship search, market yourself to more than 3,000 undergraduate institutions without paying a dime.

The 2007 Colleges and Scholarships Newsletter will enable you to be the first to know about new information that of interest to you, such as, free scholarships search pages, new information regarding financial aid, information on graduate schools, and other materials important to students. We are a one stop shop.

Millions of students like you have already signed up. What are you waiting for? Register today to the 2007 Colleges and Scholarships Newsletter. After you register, use our free service to complete an application and allow more than 3,000 colleges to search, find, and perhaps make you an acceptance offer.

Getting accepted has never been easier. You can begin the application as early as 9th grade and up-date your information every semester; allowing undergraduate institutions across the United States to monitor your progress. This way by the time your finish high school, you will already know which undergraduate school will accept you.

Sign up today for a free College and Scholarships Newsletter.

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