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Applying to law school? Fill out a free law school admissions application with Applying to school and let law schools find you.

Applying to school works for everyone.

Just follow these steps:

  • Create an Applying to school Username & Password.
  • Complete a free law school admissions application.
  • Click "submit Application."
  • THEN 186 ABA schools in the United States will have access to your application to find and perhaps make you an acceptance offer.

    We give you the unique opportunity to see which ABA school will most likely accept you AND even the ones that are not interested in you. Law school admissions offices will ONLY contact you, if you meet admission requirements or are likely to get accepted. Therefore, you can be assured, if a school invites you to apply they want you.

    We have revolutionized student recruitment through a unique network called StudentFind. This new web technology acts as a communication link between you and 186 ABA law school admissions offices across the nation. It is the only service that enables law school admissions offices to pre-screen your application before you apply.

    Best of all, this service is absolutely FREE and applying to school only gives law schools admissions offices access to your information. The best part is that you can register as early as freshman year in college and let them monitor your progress. Know the ABA schools that will accept you before you graduate.

    The law school admission office at every law school spend thousands of dollars to recruit you each year, but youd never know it. At most you and the other two hundred thousands students on direct mailing lists receive general information about admissions. Until now, ABA schools had no way of pre-screening your application before you even apply to contact you personally.

    For you brothers, sisters and or relatives who are planning on going to college, we also allow students to complete a free college application and allow more than 3,000 admissions offices to pre-screen and hopefully make them an acceptance offer. So, help us pass the word along to you friends and families that colleges are looking for students.

    Applying to school made getting accepted so much easier.

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