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Student Loan Consolidation. The Easy Way to Save.

Cut your student loan payments in half.
To all federal student loan borrowers! Right Now you can lower your monthly payments as much as 60% and put that extra cash in your pocket with the Federal Student Loan Consolidation program. Read more.

  • Lock in rates as low as 4.5%
  • All federal loans bundled into one easy-to-manage loan
  • No fees, charges or prepayment penalties
  • Easy, online application with Electronic Signature


Do the math.
Federal rates are low right now, we help student save even more.

  • Save 0.60% more when you consolidate right after graduation or during other eligible grace periods
  • Shave off 0.25% when you sign up to have your payments automatically deducted from your bank account
  • Lower your rate another 1.0% after your first 36 consecutive on-time payments (this benefit is locked for the life of the loan- unlike most companies who repeal the rate reduction if you go into forbearance, deferment, or if you miss a single payment) -OR- Lower your rate another 2% after 48 consecutive on-time payments!

What are you waiting for? Apply now!

No-hassle application. Only for all Students.
All student loan borrowers, even parents, can consolidate with the student Federal Consolidation program. There are no credit checks, you don't need to know the details of your current student loan portfolio, and you don’t need a co-signer. Just complete the simple 4-step, all-digital application with Electronic Signature and you’ll be on your way to saving thousands on your student loan debt.

Refinance all your student loans
Now you can refinance all your student loans, even private loans and previously consolidated loans, at super-low rates and save. Read more.

How much can you save? Use our consolidation loan calculator to find out. Find out more about your student loan consolidation options, or just start a student loan consolidation application to find out how much you can save!

Federal Student Loan Holders
If you have federal loans, such as Stafford and PLUS, you can lower your monthly payments as much as 60% and put more cash in your pockets with the Federal Consolidation Loan program. Lower interest rates with the federal consolidation program!

Apply Online... now with Electronic Signature!

All Student Loan Borrowers
If you’ve already consolidated your federal loans or have private student loans to refinance, you’re in luck. With the new Student Private Consolidation Loan you can refinance all your student loans—even private loans—at record-low rates that can put more cash in your pockets.
Read more.

How much can consolidation help you? Use our consolidation loan calculators to find out.

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