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Many campus buildings at the University have neo-Gothic archways and lanterns. Princeton offers two main undergraduate degrees:

the Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) and the Bachelor of Science in engineering (B.S.E.). Courses in the humanities are traditionally either seminars or semi-weekly lectures with an additional discussion seminar, called a "precept" (short for "preceptorial"). To graduate, all A.B. candidates must complete a senior thesis and one or two extensive pieces of independent research, known as "junior papers" or "JPs." They must also fulfill a two-semester foreign language requirement and distribution requirements. B.S.E. candidates follow a parallel track with an emphasis on a rigorous science and math curriculum, a computer science requirement, and at least two semesters of independent research including an optional senior thesis. A.B. candidates typically have more freedom in course selection than B.S.E. candidates, though both enjoy a comparatively high degree of latitude in creating a self-structured curriculum.

Princeton Undergraduate program

Princeton has a competitive "need-blind" admission policy, accepting students into the incoming class based on merit, not ability to pay tuition fees. Despite Princeton’s policies, Princeton's student body is often regarded as more culturally conservative or traditional than the student bodies of peer institutions. The administration has aggressively pursued a diversification policy: it is a member of the Davis United World College Fund, and students from these international schools can expect to have their full needs, as assessed by Princeton, met by the fund.


In 2006, Princeton's overall acceptance rate was 10.2%, accepting 1792 students from a pool of 17,563 applicants. 599 of these were accepted Early Decision out of a total 2236 ED applicants, for a 26.8% Early Decision acceptance rate. Regular Decision was much harsher, with acceptances going to only 1193 out of 15327 applicants (this includes deferred ED students as well), for a 7.8% admittance rate.

On September 18, 2006, Princeton announced an end to its Early Decision program starting for the class of 2012. From the Class of 2012 onward, all Princeton applicants will be considered by the admissions office in one pool.

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College Name: Princeton Univ.

Rank: 1

Graduation rate %: 97

Faculty resources rank: 2

% of class w/fewer than 20 students: 74%

% of class w/more than 50 students: 10%

Student to faculty ration: 5/1

% of faculty who are full-time: 91

Average SAT/ACT score: 1380-1560

Freshmen in top 10% of class: 94%

% Admissions acceptance rate: 11%

Enrollment: 4,906

Tuition: $33,008

Entrance difficulty: Most difficult

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