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The college admissions, college application, college scholarships and colleges and universities admissions page is designed to offer college-bound students of all ages’ information and easy access to information about a wide variety of subjects that are not available for free, which include:

College and university rank, graduation rate, faculty resources rank, % of class w/fewer than 20 students, % of class w/more than 50 students, student to faculty ration, % of faculty who are full-time, average SAT/ACT score that gained admissions, freshman in top 10% of class, % college admissions acceptance rate, enrollment, tuition, and entrance difficulty for admissions.

We know that admissions information is difficult to rapidly identify, synthesize and evaulate. So, our research department gathered this information of the best U.S. colleges and universities using publicly available information about colleges and universities admissions and from colleges and universities that returned our survey.

We have assembled a page of links to the very best college and university admissions across the country. Our team has put together the most comprehensive list of top ranking liberal arts colleges and universities. These are the best. You will even find a list of more than 300 A+ colleges and universities for B students.

Top National Colleges in ranking order. Click on college name for more information.

1) Princeton University Admissions (NJ)

2) Harvard University Admissions (MA)

3) Yale University Admissions (CT)

4) California Institute of Technology Admissions (CA)

4) Stanford University Admissions (CA)

4) MIT Admissions (MA)

7) University of Pennsylvania Admissions (PA)

8) Duke University Admissions (NC)

9) University of Chicago Admissions (IL)

9) Dartmouth College Admissions (NH)

9) Columbia University Admissions (NY)

12 Washington University St. Louis Admissions

12) Cornell University Admissions (NY)

14) Northwestern University Admissions (IL)

15) Brown University Admissions (RI)

16) Johns Hopkins University Admissions (MD)

17) Rice University Admissions (TX)

18) Emory University Admissions (GA)

18) Vanderbilt University Admissions (TN)

20) University of Notre Dame Admissions (IN)

21) UC Berkeley Admissions

21) Carnegie Mellon University Admissions (PA)

23) Georgetown University Admissions (DC)

24) University of Michigan Ann Arbor Admissions

24) University of Virginia Admissions

26) UCLA Admissions

27) University of Southern California Admissions

27) Tufts University Admissions (MA)

27) University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Admissions

30) Wake Forest University Admissions (NC)

31) Brandeis University Admissions (MA)

31) College of William and Mary Admissions (VA)

33) Lehigh University Admissions (PA)

34) Boston College Admissions

34) New York University Admissions

34) University of Rochester Admissions (NY)

34) University of Wisconsin Madison Admissions

38) UC San Diego Admissions

38) Georgia Institute of Technology Admissions

38) Case Western Reserve University Admissions (OH)

41) University of Illinois - Urbana - Champaign Admissions

42) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Admissions (NY)

42) University of Washington Admissions

44) UC Irvine Admissions

44) Tulane University Admissions (LA)

44) Yeshiva University Admissions (NY)

47) UC Davis Admissions

47) UC Santa Barbara Admissions

47) University of Florida Admissions

47) Pennsylvania State University Admissions - University Park

47) University of Texas Admissions - Austin

52) George Washington University Admissions (DC)

52) Syracuse University Admissions (NY)

54) Pepperdine University Admissions (CA)

54) University of Miami Admissions (FL)

54) University of Maryland Admissions - College Park

57) Boston University Admissions

57)) Ohio State University Admissions - Columbus

57) University of Pittsburgh Admissions

60) University of Georgia Admissions

60) Rutgers University Admissions - New Brunswick (NJ)

60) Miami University Admissions - Oxford (OH)

60) Texas A and M University Admissions - College Station

64) Purdue University Admissions - West Lafayette (IN)

64) University of Iowa Admissions

64) Worcester Polytechnic Institute Admissions (MA)

67) University of Connecticut Admissions

67) University of Delaware Admissions

67) University of Minnesota Admissions - Twin Cities

70) Indiana University Admissions - Bloomington

70) Michigan State University Admissions

70) Fordham University Admissions (NY)

70) Clemson University Admissions (SC)

70) Southern Methodist University Admissions (TX)

70) Brigham Young University Admissions - Provo (UT)

76) UC Santa Cruz Admissions

77) University of Colorado Admissions - Boulder

77) St. Louis University Admissions

77) Stevens Institute of Technology Admissions (NJ)

77) Virginia Tech Admissions

81) Iowa State University Admissions

81) Clark University Admissions (MA)

81) North Carolina State University Admissions - Raleigh

81) Baylor University Admissions (TX)

81) Marquette University Admissions (WI)

86) American University Admissions (DC)

86) SUNY - Binghamton University Admissions

88) UC Riverside Admissions

88) University of Denver Admissions

88) Howard University Admissions (DC)

88) University of Kansas Admissions

88) University of Missouri Admissions - Columbia

88) University of Tulsa Admissions (OK)

88) University of Tennessee Admissions

88) University of Vermont Admissions

88) University of Alabama Admissions

88) Auburn University Admissions (AL)

98) University of Arizona Admissions

98) University of the Pacific Admissions (CA)

98) Northeastern University Admissions (MA)

98) University of Massachusetts Admissions - Amherst

98) University of Nebraska Admissions - Lincoln

98) SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry Admissions

98) SUNY - Stony Brook University Admissions

105) University of San Diego Admissions

105) Illinois Institute of Technology Admissions

105) University of New Hampshire Admissions

105) University of Dayton Admissions (OH)

105) Texas Christian University Admissions

110) Florida State University Admissions

110) Ohio University Admissions

112) University of San Francisco Admissions

112) Loyola University Chicago Admissions

112) University of Kentucky Admissions

112) University of Missouri Admissions - Rolla

112) University of Oklahoma Admissions

112) Drexel University Admissions (PA)

112) University of South Carolina Admissions - Columbia

112) Washington State University Admissions

120) Catholic University of America Admissions (DC)

120) University at Buffalo Admissions - SUNY

120) University of Oregon Admissions

120) University of Utah Admissions

124) Colorado State University Admissions

124) Kansas State University Admissions

124) New Jersey Institute of Technology Admissions

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