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Brigham Young University, often referred to as BYU, is the flagship university of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). About 98% of the students at BYU are members of this church and, as a condition of admission to the university, they commit to obey a stringent honor code while they attend BYU. BYU is often known for its low tuition costs, especially for a private university of its size. A large number of its students are proficient in many foreign languages. BYU is located in Provo, Utah, United States, approximately 50 miles to the south of Salt Lake City.

Brigham Young University's social and cultural atmosphere is unique. The high rate of enrollment at the university by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints results in an amplification of LDS cultural norms which are often caricatured.

One of the characteristics of BYU most often pointed out is its reputation for emphasizing a "marriage culture". Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints highly value marriage and family, as well as marriage within the faith. Consequently, the enormous population of LDS single adults in and around Provo makes it a mecca for singles in the church, irrespective of their affiliation with BYU. BYU's reputation as a place to court potential mates is well known both within and without the BYU community, and is encouraged to some extent by the school's administrators and ecclesiastical leaders, who publicly highlight "successful" marriage statistics.

Most Brigham Young University students are acutely aware of the marriage stereotype, and some female students contribute to it by dropping out before graduation due to marriage and subsequent pregnancy. 56.3% of the men and 42.4% of the women in BYU's class of 2004 were married (the average age at graduation being 24.3). An earlier study ending in 1990 showed that 65% of matriculated male students ended up graduating, while the rate among matriculated female students was only 35%. Marriage statistics for the state of Utah as a whole indicate that Brigham Young University's marriage rate falls well within that of the state in general, with the median age at marriage in Utah being 23 for men, and 21 for women. It should be noted, however, that the percentage of married students at BYU is much higher than at most other universities, and the median age of marriage in Utah is significantly lower than in the United States as a whole. In regard to marriage, BYU is thus best described as a reflection of the cultural practices of the LDS population as a whole, rather than as an outlier.

Brigham Young University's large body of students who have served as missionaries for the LDS Church significantly shapes the institution's culture. Young men are strongly encouraged to serve full-time two-year missions for the LDS Church after turning 19. Consequently, men typically attend BYU for their freshman year and then take a two year break from school to serve a mission. Thus, the average male sophomore at Brigham Young University is 21 years old. Although LDS women can also serve full-time missions, the church does not press them to do so. Additionally, missions for LDS females are only 18 months in duration, and females may not serve full-time missions until after reaching 21, so women more often graduate before serving a mission.

Chastity line is a term very popular among current students and more recent alumni of the Brigham Young University systems. With the school enforcing residential living standards in an effort to maintain an atmosphere of mental and spiritual growth among students who live off - campus. Off - campus housing must be certified by Brigham Young University before its students can live in it. The bathroom and the bedrooms are off limits for members of the opposite sex and usually these areas are demarcated by an imaginary line known as the Chastity line.

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College Name: Brigham Young university admissions Pravo (MA)

Rank: 70

Graduation rate %: 72%

Faculty resources rank: 57

% of class w/fewer than 20 students: 39%

% of class w/more than 50 students: 12%

Student to faculty ration: 12/1

% of faculty who are full-time: 90

Average SAT/ACT score: 25-29

Freshmen in top 10% of class: 49%

% College admissions acceptance rate: 78%

Enrollment: 30,798

Tuition: $7,240

Entrance difficulty: Moderately difficult

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