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Welcome to the Free Scholarship Searches page. On this page you will find links to more than 50 free, online scholarship search sites listing thousands of scholarships and financial aid awards worth billions of dollars. Visit the sites that you think you will find scholarships best for you. Most of the online scholarship search sites include scholarships that can be used by students attending traditional college or online degrees.

AllScholar - AllScholar claims to be a free scholarship search service for students, parents, and educators. Before services are rendered, students must provide personal information. AllScholar will sell this information to colleges, universities and any company willing to pay. - Provides multiple $32,500 need and merit-based scholarships. 


Arkansas Scholarship Connection - The Arkansas Scholarship Connection is only available to Arkansas students. Scholarships are provided by the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund. 


BrokeScholar - BrokeScholar claims to be the home of over 650,000 scholarships. 


CareerInfoNet - The U.S. Department of Labor sponsors this site and has a searchable database of over 5,000 scholarships, fellowships, loans, and other financial aid opportunities.


CareersandColleges - CareersandColleges is owned by Alloy Media, a marketing company that also owns Wintergreen Orchard House. Their database includes 1.7 million scholarships. They will sell student information to any company willing to pay.


ClubScholarship - Sister company of, ClubScholarships has over 500,000 awards that students can sort through. 


Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation - The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation gives away $3 million in scholarships each year to qualified students. 


College Answer - SallieMae, an educational loan company, is the sponsor. They use the Scholarship Experts database.


College Connection Scholarships  - College Connection Scholarships provides customized scholarship application letters and free scholarship searches for undergraduate, graduate, vocational and technical students.


CollegeBoard Scholarship Search - CollegeBoard’s free scholarship search allows students to enter personal information to find college funded scholarships and aid. 


CollegeData - CollegeData provides a free scholarship search and allows students to save their results. They also sell student information. - Financial Aid Resources provides information on scholarships and financial aid. 


CollegeNet - CollegeNet allows students to search for scholarship matches using their personal profile. 


CollegeScholarships - CollegeScholarships is a paid search service that allows students to search their database. 


CollegeToolKit - Students can search for scholarships using their information to generate a personalized scholarship list. 


CollegeView - CollegeView is not a scholarship search service but they offer one award. They will sell student information. KEEP AWAY. 


Discover Nursing Scholarship Search - This free scholarship search service offers nursing scholarships. 


eCampusTours - This site allows students to search for various scholarship programs. 


EdFinancial - This company claims to have a database worth more than $35 million dollars.


FastAid - They allegedly have scholarships that students cannot find elsewhere and that they are the largest and oldest private sector database.  


FastWeb - FastWeb provides free scholarship searches. FastWeb is owned by Monster company and will sell student information to any company willing to pay which is not worthwhile to students. 


Financial Aid Officer - Now Career Info, this site is a free scholarship search service with over 1.45 billion dollars scholarships. 


Financial Aid Super Site - This site offers free scholarship searches.


FinancialAid - This service allows students to perform scholarship searches. The site is owned by monster company and will sell student information to any company willing to pay. 


FindTuition Scholarship - This site allows students to perform scholarship search.  


Gates Millennium Scholars - Scholarships provided by Bill and Melinda Gates. Scholarships are awarded to qualified students and is highly recommended.

GoCollege - Students can search and choose to receive information on newly-posted scholarships that match their profile.

Guaranteed Scholarships - This site claims they can find scholarship that require no essay, interview, or competition. KEEP AWAY.


Hispanic Scholarships Fund - They offer scholarships to Hispanic students.

International Education Financial Aid - IEFA provides financial aid, college scholarships and grant information to students. 

InternationalScholarships - This is a scholarship search service for international students and offers scholarships for studying abroad. 


MicroSoft College Scholarship - MicroSoft has set aside more than $500,000 in scholarships funds. 


Military - This site helps armed services personnel find scholarships and grants. 


MyFreeDegree - Students can find college scholarships and financial aid awards. 


Nationally Coveted Scholarships and Graduate Fellowships - This is not a scholarship match service but they list undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral awards.


Nelnet College Planning  - This is a free scholarship finder that provides college planning. This is a student loan company that also sells students information.  


NextStudent - This site gives visitors free access to a database of more than 42,000 college funding sources comprised of more than 2.4 million individually awarded scholarships, valued at over 3.4 billion dollars. 


Scholarship Central - Provided by Thomson-Peterson’s scholarship search, this service sells student information to any company willing to pay. 


Scholarship Coach - This service helps students find and win scholarships.


Scholarship Experts - Scholarship Experts provides free online scholarship searches for students and parents. They will sell information to any company willing to pay. 


Scholarship Resource Network Express - The service claims to have a database of 8,000 various programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students. 


Scholarships - This is a scholarship database that matches students academics, talents and interests.


ScholarshipsCanada - This is a free online scholarship database in Canada. Students must be Canadian citizens and studying in Canada. 


ScholarSite - allows you to search for scholastic financial aid quickly and accurately. This company sells personal information. 


School Soup - This site claim that you can search the world's largest scholarship database by searching through $32 Billion worth of scholarships.


StudentsAwards - This scholarship search matches students with awards.


SuperCollege - This service lets students perform online scholarship search. They will market their books and college planning services to students after registration.


The Scholarship Page - This service provides engineering scholarships. 


United Negro College Fund Scholarship Search - The free online scholarship search is sponsored by the United Negro College Fund.


US Air Force ROTC - This organization gives scholarships to students who will enroll in the ROTC program.

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