Athletic Scholarships

Athletic Scholarships

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I and Division II institutions, and some National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) institutions offer athletic scholarships, such as, basketball scholarships, wrestling scholarships, cross country scholarships, fencing scholarships, swimming scholarships, field hockey scholarships, golf scholarships, hockey scholarships, baseball scholarships, soccer scholarships, softball scholarships, crew scholarships, track scholarships, volleyball scholarships, and lacrosse scholarships. There are many colleges and universities offer athletic scholarships in other sports.

Below are some organizations that assist students in finding athletic scholarships and grants. You should know that we do not work with any of these organizations and by us listing them do not constitute an endorsement their athletic scholarships service. Be aware that most charge a fee for their services.

College Athletic Scholarships- Provides information student athletes need to maximize their opportunities to compete in college sports and/or be offered athletic scholarships. It’s all free.
Campus Champs – Website provides student athletes free information about playing sports while attending college. 
Athletes Advance- Allows high school athletes who are seeking college athletic scholarships the chance to post and update their profiles to attract college coaches.
Athletic Scholarships- This service help student athletes find scholarships and will let you know in advance if they cannot help you find athletic scholarships.
College Athletic Scholarships Placement Service- Service matches student athletes with colleges and universities and will contact the coaches at those institutions. There is a $500 upfront fee and additional payment due if the student athlete receives an athletic scholarship as a result their efforts. 
All Sport College Recruiting and Scholarships- For a fee of $99 this service posts player profiles, which can be updated on the internet and faxes player information to college coaches at twelve colleges or universities.
InBounds College Athletic Referral- Service will market the student athlete to colleges. Fee of $149 and $549 depends on the number of institutions.
National College Recruiting Association- Exposure service for students seeking athletic scholarships. NCRA contacts 200-400 colleges.  Fees were not listed on their website.
Athletes-on-Line- Fee of $100 to $250 will give you one or three years of exposures.  Student athletes' profiles are maintained online, and college coaches are invited to review them.
Athletic Recruiters Service- This service offers varies levels of service at variable costs.
Next Level- This organization offers a number of services in addition to exposure, including creation of a video and private coaching and training.
National Recruiting Network- Florida based athletic scholarship exposure service which charges U.S. athletes $100 per year and athletes from overseas $150 per year.
Online Scouting Network- Services range from $69 to $149.
Swim Recruiting Online- Free online profiles for students seeking swimming scholarships.
Sports Recruit Zone- Exposure service. We were not able to find descriptions of services and fees on their site. A toll free number is available on their page.
Athletes Edge- For $25 per year they will maintain your profile online.
Scouting Online- This is an online posting service ($59.95).
Premier Scouting Service- We are not sure what they offer, you will need to send them an e-mail for information and their fees.

Feeling overwhelmed, then why not complete a free application with us and allow coaches all across the United States to search, find, and make you an acceptance offer with a financial package. We’ve made it easy for athletes like you to get recruited and accepted to institutions in the U.S. This service is absolutely free and you can register and begin your application as early as 9th grade and update your information anytime thereby allowing coaches at over 3,000 colleges and universities to keep an eye on you.

We are committed to getting students accepted to colleges and universities. Once a college or university coach pre-screens your application, we guarantee that the admissions office or coach will only contact you through your ATS inbox if you are likely to get accepted.

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