ABA Approved Law Schools

ABA Approved Law Schools

Number of Law Schools

As of December 2006, a total of 195 institutions are approved by the American Bar Association: 194 confer the first degree in law (the J.D. degree); the other ABA approved school is the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General's School, which offers an officer's resident graduate course, a specialized program beyond the first degree in law. One of the 193 ABA-approved law schools (Widener) also has a branch campus. Seven of the 195 law schools are provisionally approved.

Provisionally ABA Approved Law Schools (+):

+Charleston School of Law

+Faulkner University Thomas Goode Jones School of Law

+Florida A&M University College of Law

+University of LaVerne College of Law

+Liberty University School of Law

+John Marshall Law School (Atlanta)

+Western State University College of Law

ABA Law Schools on Probation (**):

At its meeting on August 4-5, 2005, the Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar determined to place Whittier Law School, located in Costa Mesa, California, on probation for a period of two years, effective August 9, 2005. Effective December 9, 2005, Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco is on probation for a period of two years.

**Whittier Law School

**Golden Gate University School of Law

Rating of ABA Approved Law Schools

No rating of law schools beyond the simple statement of their accreditation status is attempted or advocated by the official organizations in legal education. Qualities that make one kind of school good for one student may not be as important to another. The American Bar Association and its Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar have issued disclaimers of any law school rating system. Prospective law students should consider a variety of factors in making their choice among schools.

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ABA Approved Law Schools

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